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5/14/2018: A Peek at the Process

Someone once asked me what the process behind my outfit decision-making was, and I couldn’t come up with a straight answer.

That bugged me. A lot.

So I thought about it. A lot. And I have since developed a tentative response:

Sometimes I think about my outfits way before I wear them, often when I’m buying the clothes in the first place. I’ll buy a skirt because it matches a shirt I have, or a dress because I have shoes I never wear that would go perfectly with the color, or something else along those lines. Sometimes I forget I had that idea and never wear it, but I usually get around to realizing the images I had in my mind.

Sometimes I think about them the day before. If there’s something I’ve been dying to wear, I’ll go through the mental catalogue of the things in my closet until I find something that matches it and achieves a look I want to go for. Maybe I’ll set it out before I go to bed, but I usually just wake up and put it on.

Most often I do it the day of. If I don’t feel inspired that day, I can go through piles and piles of clothes before I settle on something, which I usually end up dissatisfied with anyway. If I do feel inspired, though, I can pick something almost immediately. Those are the days my mood most clearly comes through my clothes. When I feel like being classy and dressy, I’ll put on a dress or a skirt and a button down. When I feel more grunge-y, I’ll pull out the fishnets and the t-shirts.

My “process” definitely isn’t some concrete thing, but it does have its trends. Everyone is different, every day is different, so these things vary a lot, but they’re all part of the creative fun of fashion.