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9/3/18: Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fashion)

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic people in fashion throughout the ages, Elton John has been a huge influence since he released Empty Sky back in 1969. Aside from music that would impact the lives of many, he’s extremely well known for his eccentric sense of fashion. While his outfits are difficult to replicate (and definitely not something you’d wear out on a regular occasion), there are a few ways to get the look without all the extra.

If you’re not all that into unconventional fashion, its pretty simple to reduce an outfit to its basics. Looking at some of Elton John’s outfits from back in the 70s and 80s, you’ll notice a lot of large accessories that include things like feathers and absolutely insane amounts of glitter and sequins. That’s just not most peoples’ thing. Plenty of his outfits involving a lot of the color white have some sort of blazer with big, decorated shoulder pads. A simple white blazer can substitute this easily and still have the same sort of 1970s Elton look (of course, white stains easily, so maybe putting on a 100% white outfit isn’t the best idea if you’re having a spaghetti dinner).

White isn’t the only way to go, though. A lot of Elton’s outfits involved a wide array of colors and designs. Usually we think of things like boas as accessories from children’s dress up outfits, but Elton John viewed them in a different way. You’ll notice that feathers are a recurring theme, whether placed on jackets, pants, or even glasses. Usually these were paired with some sort of decorated hat. Liking a style and being willing to wear it to the extreme are two different things; instead of going all out, its probably better to try something more subtle. Incorporate the colors of the rainbow into smaller parts of your outfit, whether it be your socks, your belt, or a design on your shirt.

As far as glitter: Go for it. One of the biggest parts of Elton John’s 70s look is sparkle. While you don’t really need to add all that he added back in the day, a little can never hurt. With this kind of fashion, its not necessarily go big or go home, its more of a “take what you want out of it and make it your own”. If Elton John has taught us anything about fashion, its that you can create works of art out of pieces of clothing.

Of course, no outfit is complete under this theme until it includes some funky glasses. Color tinted sunglasses or bold frames add a certain feel to an outfit that really just can’t be obtained otherwise, plus they’re in style. You can find glasses like these pretty much anywhere you search for them, online especially. Overall, it will help you tie together your whole outfit and create the look you’re going for.

Even today, at the age of 71, Elton is continuing to create his iconic 70s-style looks. He’s covered everything: hats, shoes, jackets… you name it. He is continuing to put out the same quality style as he did way back 40 years ago when he was young and just starting off his music career, which is what truly makes him a fashion icon.

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8/31/2018: The Evolution of the Jacket

As much as I talk about fashion, I don’t usually speak about it in a historical sense. Here we’ll take a look at exactly how far women’s clothes have come in the last few decades.

Today’s subject: jackets. We’ll start with the 1940s, when jackets were basically just trench coats with belts. Women often wore their jackets buttoned up with the belt clasped tightly around the waist in order to accentuate the body’s shape. This was before corsets were particularly popular (those would come to stay in the 1950s), so the belt was the only thing there making a woman’s waist appear smaller. This was what was considered to be the desired body shape for a woman during this time, as you’ll notice in a lot of fashion sketches and photographs from the 1940s up until the late 1960s.

Moving on, the 1950s brought quite a change to women’s jackets. World War II had ended and everyone had just a bit more time on their hands to focus on considerably less important things like what they were wearing. Dior was popular in the 1950s, mostly among the upper class, but the styles of their clothes were carried on through other, more affordable brands. Their jackets tended to puff out a bit at the bottom, as did their dresses, in order to further emphasize the waist. This is around the time the use of corsets began to become more widespread and common while wearing jackets. These jackets were commonly worn with skirts that added on even more to the bottom of the jackets. While jackets kept on making women’s waists look smaller and smaller, a turn came when brands suddenly started making their jackets loose and quite the opposite of what Dior was going for. Jackets with small waists became increasingly less popular as more and more women chose their comfort over a small waist. Women stepped back into the trend of trench coats, but would often wear them unbuttoned and beltless, undeniably more breathable and comfortable than previous fashion innovations.

The 1960s brought very similar styles to that of the 1950s, but, for the most part, much shorter. While trench coats flowing past the knee had been previously very popular, at this point women began wearing coats that cut off at the hips. Jackets were then loose and short at the same time, and usually were paired with tight skirts, adding up to a look that was very interesting, to say the least. Another turning point from this time period is the beginning of color in jackets. Looking at old pictures, you’ll notice that, a lot of the time, jackets were a simple grey, black, or brown color with little to no shade diversity. During the 60s, clothing designers began creating coats of more vibrant varieties than previously. Red and blue were commonly worn colors of jackets at the time and usually were worn with a skirt of the same color. Pockets were sometimes excluded from coats during this time because they had previously been located below the hips of a trench coat. Without the extra fabric on the end, the space for pockets decreased, and they hadn’t *quite* figured out modern day pockets yet.

The 1970s brought dramatic change to women’s jackets and the fashion industry overall. For the most part, basic jackets stayed the same aside from a tailored waist, reflecting back on the 1940s and early 50s. A lot more variety was added to coats and jackets during the 1950s as well, as far as not only color, but design. Coats could be long or short, bold or plain. Some even began incorporating animal products into their coats, while things like leather had really only been worn by men for the previous decade or so. The real turning point of the 1970s was the genre we all know and love: disco. Disco brought around so many different fabric choices and color patterns in not only jackets, but clothing overall. Metallic fabrics and colorful designs became increasingly popular during the later portion of this era, leading up to the 80s. Some jackets were cropped, and worn with things that were high waisted. Sweaters and cardigans came around this time, as well, a lot of the time with longer, flowing sleeves. Bold patterns were introduces, and you’ll notice a lot of plaid popping up in 70s fashion. The variety of coats and jackets in the 1970s is absolutely unmatched, with things ranging from conservative coats to short and bold jackets.

As far as the 1980s, glitter and metallic fabrics were extremely present as well as denim jackets. By this point, trench coats had, for the most part, phased out, and had been replaced with the jacket lengths that we usually see today. Pockets were normally included in coats in convenient places on the jackets. Leather continued in its popularity as well as latex materials. Along the lines of bold colors, colorblock jackets began appearing throughout this time period, pairing colors together in chunky and daring ways. Clothes overall began to include more big accessories and things like shoulder pads. Plaids continued to be a staple in the fashion community and often was made to be bright colors including yellow and green. Musicians like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna paved the way for more audacious fashions to begin to appear during this time period, introducing denim vests, print blazers, and fishnet sleeved jackets. With all of these turns in fashion around this time, we can’t forget the basic business casual style– usually blazers of neutral colors, very similar to today. As previously mentioned, though, plaid was just as common as solid colors and could be spotted in just about any office space.

Moving through the decades, you’ve probably noticed that no two stages are alike. The 90s were no exception, with girls often sporting their baggy flannel jackets. This entire decade was a huge tomboy phase for about half the young women in the united states of America. Of course, not everyone chose to go for the grunge style. Some decided to stick with the basics, clothes that were not too different from what most of us wear now. A lot of jackets were loose and made of denim, with a lot of Kurt Cobain inspired themes throughout the entire era. Of course, celebrities outside of the punk and grunge genre inspired their own millions of people with their outfits and style choices. Artists like Gwen Stefani had their own style very separate from the grunge craze. This style was hip-hop inspired, and involved a lot loose jackets made of softer fabrics. These jackets were usually paired with cropped shirts and baggy, low-rise pants that created the overall look along with some larger accessories like big hoop earrings and hair accessories.

Moving on to the 2000s, an era most of us remember but would rather forget. Looking back at some of the celebrities during this time period, you’ll notice a lot of layers, including skirts worn over jeans and such things as that. As far as jackets, cropped and brightly colored was the way to go. I won’t go too far into this stage because I’m sure you all would like to move on to more interesting things.

Welcome to 2018! We’ve honestly reached a point where you can wear whatever jackets you want. Whether you’d like to wear a baggy denim jacket like the 90s, a tight trench coat like the early 50s, or a neutral plaid jacket like the 1970s, go for it. While researching and knowing about fashion can become a fun pastime, its most important for you to develop your own style based on what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. So go forth, shop on, and most importantly: have fun.

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8/24/2018: Lots of Layers

As the month of August reaches its end, fall starts to creep in on the horizon. And, of course, as season’s change, so do styles. Part of me is sad to see summer go, but part of me is equally (if not more) excited to bring in some (slightly — I do live in Florida, after all) cooler weather and let me open up my closet to some different looks. Today’s post is dedicated to layering, with some guidelines and examples of how to rock it.

Sleeved Shirts with Tank Tops

I love layering in this way (and do it already despite the heat). Spaghetti strap tank tops make adorable accents for sleeved shirts. I love to dress up more basic shirts like this, combining the two into something new. Now that fall is coming, I fully intend on doing this way more often and working long sleeved shirts in especially. The additional layer of another shirt on top of the first lets you add warmth in a fun, creative, expressive way. You can do this with basic tank tops or more decorative, patterned ones. In my experience, the plainer each is, the better. It is, however, a fun way to experiment with more unique color combinations.

Jackets and Sweaters

Jackets and sweaters are other awesome ways to layer. Even in the heat, sometimes I’ll bring another layer if I’m going to be going somewhere heavily air conditioned (e.g., the movies). Jackets and sweaters come in so many variations it’s often difficult to begin tackling (fear not, I’ll be writing a blog post on this soon). Needless to say, however, because of this, there’s something for everyone. The best part about jackets, especially in the fall, is that you can wear just about whatever shirt you want underneath them and still stay warm. You even get the opportunity to take it off if you get too warm.

Leggings and Tights

You’re probably wondering why I have tights listed twice, and I promise it’s for good reason. This one talks about tights in the context of leggings and wearing them solo. Both are great options for adding warmer layers to your legs, especially leggings, when you want to wear anything that isn’t thick jeans or sweatpants. I’ve even worn them under jeans when it gets really cold and I need more heat for my legs. Tights definitely aren’t quite as warm and do tend to pose some of their own challenges, but it is nice to have built-in socks. Plus, they come in so many cute patterns and colors that they’re hard to resist. Either way, you’ve got some fun and cute options to start getting warm

Thigh Highs (with Tights)

This one is a little different from the previous section, even though it talks about tights, too. Since tights can be thin, you can combine the two into cute, unique looks. Thigh highs don’t only work on their own. Why not wear the socks (or boots) over the tights and get extra warmth? Mixing and matching these is a fun and easy way to stay warm. Thigh highs, of course, can be worn alone as well. They pair great with shorts and skirts (whether layered or not), keeping your legs warm without locking you out of your warm weather clothes. I wear thigh highs in way too warm weather sometimes, so I’m pretty excited to be able to wear them more often with the start of fall.

A Summary

Basically, layers are great. They give you the freedom of using clothes you already have, know, and love without leaving you to freeze. While fall weather is far from winter, a lot of the same concepts can apply then! So, as always, don’t be afraid to do what you want with your clothes. Add on those layers, have fun with what you wear! Also, don’t shy away from adding more to your closet. Those long sleeved shirts might turn into cute crop tops and those tank tops might come in handy next year. Go out, get what you want, wear what you want, and most importantly, enjoy it!

~ Gina


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8/20/2018: Get Glittery

I love glitter, and anyone who disagrees with me is very much incorrect. Just kidding. But, I really do love glitter. So, I figured it warranted its own blog post. I’ve put together a few of my favorite ways to wear it. Don’t let this limit you, of course. Shine your heart out however you see fit.


This is probably the easiest way to incorporate shine into your daily looks. I bought myself a palette of six different glitters that I regularly use for eyeshadow when I’m feeling sparkly (for only $6ish at Walmart from Hard Candy). Sometimes I’ll wear it as a statement for the rest of my more subtle outfit outfit, and sometimes I’ll wear it to match something else I’m wearing that’s just as shiny and attention-grabbing. You can really match this with just about anything you want, provided you want to make your look a little bit louder in this fun, easy way. When I wear it as makeup, I’ll usually layer it on top of a complimentary eyeshadow base color (usually a matte one) and go from there. Don’t be afraid to get glittery on your face!


This is a more out-there way to work in glitter into your outfits. I generally reserve jewelry beyond a simple necklace and earrings for more dramatic looks, and definitely apply this to super shiny jewelry. However, it’s a really fun and bold way to work drama into your outfits. You don’t need to fear it, but I’d recommend thinking a little more about how much of a statement you want to make. That being said, there’s a good bit of variety in glittery jewelry at your fingertips! Chokers are my personal favorite, but body chains are also great options. Like pictured, these work great with glittery outfits, but can also jazz up things that are a little more plain.


Glitter dresses are so much fun to wear. They’re super dramatic and bold, come in countless styles for every taste and body shape, and really make your outfit stand out. While they’re not the best for everyday wear necessarily, they’re awesome for going out (or just dressing up for fun, if you’re like me). I actually have one of these on the way and may list it on my site if any of you want something like the one I have pictured (let me know what you think in the comments, email, or social media)! Dresses like this are super loud, flirty, and just really great to wear. Your entire statement is contained in this one wardrobe piece, which you can match with either more glitter or more simple accessories.


Shiny tops are a lot more of a convenient piece for your closet to contain. In fact, I’m writing this blog post in a glittery blue tank top on my college campus, dressed for class. The statement with these usually come off far more subtle, allowing you to have the benefits and fun of glitter without being overly dramatic and show-y. I like to match these with more plain pieces, like basic jeans or shorts. I’m currently matching my makeup with my shirt (more blue glitter, of course), but often will wear it with more muted looks as well. You get a lot more freedom with tops like this and definitely get to have a lot of fun with glitter like this. Don’t shy away from working this sort of thing into your wardrobe! Enjoy the sparkles and wear them!


Finally, we have glittery shoes. You can get these in sneakers, but my personal favorite is heels. I’ve had a pair of jeweled stilettos for a few years now and they’re perfect for adding flair to my plainer outfits. I’ve found that they match best with more simple, darker colors, and work best with dresses. Possibly the best way to wear them, IMHO, is with little black dresses. With more simple looks, you can let your shoes do the talking and accentuating the rest of your outfit. I’ve found that other forms of glittery shoes, aside from heels, tend to be more childish which I don’t tend to go for, but don’t let that discourage you from wearing what you want! Glitter is way too fun to avoid if you want to wear it.

A Summary

Basically, glitter is awesome. It’s so fun to wear and can be done in so many ways. I was fairly adverse to wearing it for a very long time, thinking it was too loud and too childish for me to enjoy wearing. It took me a while to figure out I liked it as much as I do. Now, I’m practically inseparable from it. Don’t ever be afraid to expand your fashion horizons! There are so many fun things to wear. Life is too short to not wear glitter if you want to wear glitter. Wear and do what you want to do! There are a whole bunch of colors and variations of the stuff. Go out and buy yourself some really glittery stuff and enjoy yourself! Embrace your inner shiny-obsessed dragon.

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8/12/2018: Choices, Choices

Last night, I went to my boyfriend’s going away dinner before he left for college this morning. Of course, deciding what I was going to wear was a bit of a challenge for me (surprise). This is far from an uncommon occurrence, so I figured I could make a little checklist for picking out event outfits. I made a list of questions I ask myself when I think about what I’m wearing in most event situations. This works for me pretty well, so hopefully it helps some of you guys!

A Checklist

1. Who is going to be there?

This is usually the first thing my thoughts go to. Is this going to be a one-on-one thing? Is this going to be with a group of friends?  Will it involve people I know professionally? Maybe it’s even a family event (like my dinner last night). If I’m just going with friends to hang out, I’ll probably be more inclined to choose something less conservative than I would be to spend time with family or coworkers. The last thing I want to do is be offensive or communicate something that isn’t true (like not caring) through what I’m wearing. Fashion speaks surprisingly loud in many situations.

2. Where is it going to be?

Location is extremely important in deciding on clothing for the event. If it’s a dressy restaurant, you really don’t want to show up in short shorts and a crop top. If it’s a professional environment, you don’t want to wear something too revealing or too sloppy. Or for something like a night hanging out downtown, you don’t want to be overdressed in a gown and six inch heels. Reading the situation is key to deciding on what is (or isn’t) appropriate. Different places call for different decisions, which can vary a lot.

3. What’s the occasion?

Knowing the reason behind the event is also a huge factor in deciding what to wear (and what to do, bring, and even how to act). You wouldn’t show up to a wedding wearing white, nor would you wear pajamas to dinner with your S.O. If it’s for a birthday, if it’s for a graduation, or if it’s for no real reason at all, knowing this is a huge asset to you when you decide what to wear. These different reasons often come with inherent guidelines for how to dress, which can really help you narrow down your options and dress your best.

4. Is there a dress code provided already?

This is actually a surprisingly common phenomenon, I’ve noticed. Many dressier (and often more expensive) restaurants and organized events have specific dress codes for their participants to follow. These really should be considered first, if they’re presented to you. Even if they’re just a guideline, they are in place for a reason and should probably be followed. Unless you have a really good reason to break these, they’re definitely there to help you out.

5. What are the people I’m going with wearing?

This is a great question to ask before you go. I usually ask before I start planning so I can get a feel of everything else from this, but you can also figure this out as a checkpoint to make sure your choice is a good one (though your friends may not necessarily make the best choices themselves–you definitely want to use your common sense on this). However, they might know even more about the situation than you do. Teamwork is pretty advantageous to everyone, especially in situations like this. So, if you don’t know where to start or you don’t know if you made the right choice, this is a great step to take.

6. Is what I want to wear functional?

After you’ve decided on what you think you want to wear, you want to ask yourself this: Is what I’m wearing a good, functional, comfortable choice for where I’m going? If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking, those six inch stilettos are probably going to end up working against you. Strapless also probably isn’t your friend if you plan on doing a lot of movement of any sort (e.g. dancing). These little things don’t necessarily occur to you when you’re going through your closet and deciding what to wear, so it’s always a good last-minute check to make before you go.

A Summary

There are so many factors that go into choosing what to wear. It makes it seem like an extremely daunting task. Even the best of us get overwhelmed and frustrated with deciding what we want to wear (I know I do). This checklist has gotten me through a lot of events. It probably will continue to be my best friend in the future as I make my decisions. While I can’t really say it’s foolproof, I can certainly attest to its usefulness. So, use it to your heart’s content! Hopefully it makes the often-stressful choice of picking a good outfit a little bit easier next time.


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8/10/2018: Mamma Mia 2: A Fashion-Focused Analysis

Yesterday, my sister dragged me to go see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again before it left the theater since she had just forced me to watch the first one with her a few days prior. “Dragged” and “forced” are rather strong words, though, considering that I love disco with a passion. While I can’t say the plot is one of artistic genius, they’re two ridiculously fun movies. The music, of course, is amazing. I was singing my heart out to ABBA in the dark theatre not caring at all. And, of course, with disco music comes disco fashion. So, of course I had to blog about my favorite outfits (for young Donna specifically) and how much I love them.

The Casual Stuff

I saw this jacket in the theater and fell immediately in love. While yes, I know, the rest of the outfit isn’t quite so casual, the jacket pairs with everything so easily. If you’ve read (really any) of my previous posts, you probably know I love denim deeply. So it was only natural for me to adore this embellished denim jacket. Lily James wears it multiple times in the movie, a testament to its versatility. The stars patched onto the shoulders make it super quirky and unique without making it hard to match outfits. I’m now quite tempted to get myself another denim jacket and sew some stars on the shoulders.

Another favorite outfit was the orange skirt and tied up t shirt duo. I wear tied up shirts all the time and, though I don’t own any, have a soft spot in my heart for maxi skirts. While I personally wouldn’t look nearly as good in this shade of orange, I am completely in love with both the concept of the entire outfit and the way Lily pulls it off. Complete with her adorable hairstyle, this look is one of my favorites. I doubt I could pull it off as well, but I certainly am thinking about trying it out. I already wear tied up t shirts, so why not add a cute, comfortable maxi skirt, too?

Of course, what would a look at Mamma Mia‘s fashion be without including Donna’s iconic overalls? These are probably the most significant look for her character, excluding her various disco looks as the lead of Donna and the Dominoes (a clear knockoff of one of my well-loved bands, Derek and the Dominoes — definitely worth checking out if you’re the classic rock type). Overalls are awesome. They’re super useful, especially when you spend your time rebuilding an old farmhouse into a hotel. I have two pairs of short overalls, but really should get some full length ones.

Last but not least of these casual, everyday looks is Donna’s denim swimwear. Again, I’m a huge denim fan, so I absolutely adored this (especially the pictures Sam keeps in the book and puts on display). This was my favorite out of everything she wears in the entire movie. I would wear the HECK out of the whole outfit, both in and out of the water. Pair this with that star-patched denim jacket and you have a full on denim disco rockstar look. I already wear denim on denim regularly, so this would be a really great option for me. It makes me wonder if I could make the top out of an old pair of jeans… Time to get crafty again. I especially loved this outfit because of the colors and the backdrop to these scenes. The blue on blue on blue was so stunning in the movie, especially on the theater screen.

The Real Disco

I was immediately struck by (young) Donna’s character in this first disco look. Her introduction in this crazy, fun, cute outfit drew me into the movie all the more. Of course, the equally crazy, fun, cute song performed in this outfit made it that much better. I love these boots deeply, being the disco platform fiend I am. The stripes were especially flattering. I’m also a huge fan of stripes, of course, so this made me love it even more. I’d honestly love to walk around in something like this in public just for the he(ck) of it. Who knows, we’ll see if I can get my hands on something like it.

My absolute favorite disco outfit was that worn in the final scene of the movie. While I’d make a few modifications to this look, I am absolutely and irrevocably in love with the concept of it. I’m not the biggest fan of the animals included on the front for myself (though they are adorable for the performance), would make the boots a bit higher, and cinch the waist in a bit more, I adore this look. I would absolutely wear something like it out and around because I love it that much. Though I’ve never made shoes before, I’m really considering making my modified boots and a matching white silk dress. It looks ridiculously comfortable and is just as (if not even more) adorable.

A Summary

Basically, I loved Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again a whole lot, especially for its amazing outfits. I would gladly, willingly, and excitedly wear just about everything in this movie, especially if I get my say in modifications. I came out of this movie feeling super inspired to make clothes based off of these for myself to wear around for fun, especially the denim boat look and the white disco costume. I have also been listening to a whole lot of ABBA the past few days, so that doesn’t help my intense disco cravings. So, if you love disco at all, even a little bit, go see this movie. It’s certainly worth your while.

~ Gina

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8/7/2018: Statement Shoes

Shoes can absolutely make (or break) an outfit. I’ve discussed them a bit before, but this post is a bit different. Here, we will look more at the fun and funky side of shoes. Your closet probably contains quite a few pairs of normal shoes that match most things. If you want to switch things up, however, you might want to consider trying out statement shoes. You can completely shift your look just with what you put on your feet! So, with this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways you can add crazy shoes to your wardrobe.

Color Block Shoes

Want to add a pop of color to a more muted, dark color scheme? Opt for color block shoes! The best part about these? You can make them yourself. Get yourself some white shoes in your favorite brand, some fabric paint, and a brush, then go crazy with them! This way, you get the freedom of picking your own color schemes (or mimicking one you know you like already). You don’t have to make them on your own, though. Plenty of shoe brands have just as many colorful options to add vibrance to your feet. The bright colors can be in any unique pattern, letting you have even control over your outfit and add that bright POP to your look. This is probably one of the easiest, most accessible of statement shoes, and probably the most crafty.

Vans’s Van Gogh Line (and the Like)

Another awesome way to add to your looks with shoes is by opting for shoes with unique prints and designs. Vans has just released their Vans X Van Gogh collection (which, by the way, should totally be called Van(s) Gogh, but that’s besides the point). Not only does purchasing these shoes result in a donation to preserving the artist’s works, you get some really freakin’ cool shoes. Patterned shoes like these make for amazing statement pieces that can portray just about anything you can get your hands on, now including paintings from legendary artists. These also can be DIY’d, though this is more of a task for the really artsy ones among us. (I probably would fail miserably at recreating Almond Blossoms on a pair of shoes.)

Platform Shoes

I love platform shoes deeply. In my opinion, the crazier, the better. My personal favorites are the super 70s-disco-rocker-style ones you see in movies like Mamma Mia!. Unfortunately, I have yet to snag a pair of these amazing shoes as I have yet to find a store that sells ones I like and do not have the capacity to make my own shoes (lol). However, a girl can dream of her eight-inch plastic neon shoes as much as she wants until she finds them. You can find more subtle versions, though, from plenty of brands. These generally work even better and often match more outfits than my personal favorites might. Platforms are great for when you’re feeling super out there, making super statements with whatever look you use them with.

A Summary

If you’re looking for something to really set off a more subtle outfit, why not try out shoes? There are so many different variations of things to try out, giving you countless options to pick from. They come in any height, any color, any style, and any size, leaving something for everyone (especially the artsy ones). So, as always, the fashion world is yours! Go out and find something you like. I guarantee there’s a style out there that’s just waiting for you to discover it and claim it as your own. Check thrift stores, check stores online, check malls, check everywhere. I promise you’ll find something you love. Express yourself however you want to, and don’t forget to have fun with it.

~ Gina

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7/24/2018: Finding the Right Fit

What problems are there in finding clothes that “fit right?” So. Freaking. Many. I know it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to look for, so I figured I could put together a little bit of a guide for anyone else struggling in this endeavor.

Some Problems


Sizes are the biggest challenge of them all. Every brand seems to fit a little differently with slightly different measurements. Just because you’re a medium in one brand doesn’t at all mean you’re a small in another. Sometimes you’re in between sizes – maybe a small is too small but a medium is a little too big. You can take the larger version and deal with it or alter it, take the smaller version and deal with it, or neglect it altogether. This is an especially significant challenge for thrifting. I know I have to try on countless things before I find something that actually fits me well, especially in pants. Plus, there’s probably really only one version of the thing you like in the store, which doesn’t give you the same options. Honestly, sizing sucks. If there’s a petition anywhere out there to make women’s clothing truly universal and actually use the same measurements, I’ll sign it ten times and make everyone I know sign it, too.


Like I mentioned with sizing, no two brands ever fit exactly the same. Sometimes, the brand doesn’t really even have a universal sizing within itself. You kind of have to try and try and try until you find something that fits you. When I thrift, with jeans especially, I struggle a lot with finding things that fit my body type. It seems like there’s always a problem with something: the waist is too wide, the legs are too tight, there’s no room for my butt, the rise doesn’t fit well, etc. etc. etc. These issues happen all the time, in any combination. It takes me far too much time to find what its me well and walk out happy with my haul. Different brands are built for different body types, and it seems I have one that a lot of brands don’t particularly cater to. Which gets fairly irritating, not gonna lie. I’ve found a few brands that generally fit me well, and have started to stick to them more — in fact, most of the clothes on here are designed for people like me.

Body Shape

Like I mentioned with brands, body shape is key in finding things that fit. No two people are built the same. Just because my body is shaped one way doesn’t mean that someone else is going to be the same. Finding brands and styles that fit your body is really pretty hard. Not every body type looks the same in different styles (and nobody has exactly the same fashion sense, anyway). There’s a lot of testing and messing around in fashion. Different bodies mean different clothes, different colors, different everything. Clothes are extremely individualized, which makes finding stuff that fits your body pretty difficult. Not impossible, of course, but certainly challenging. Finding your own style is hard enough, but all the factors you have to consider often makes it even harder.

Some Solutions

Looks and Styles

The biggest solution I have found is finding the looks and styles that suit you best. This isn’t to say you should shy away from anything because you think it will look bad on you. Try it anyway! Try on things, see what you like, and buy what you like. It’s all about self-expression. Maybe you like the way baggy, loose clothes fit your shape. Maybe you like form-fitting stuff and how it hugs your figure. You could be somewhere in the middle, liking something in between baggy and tight, or you like a combination of both. Maybe you like something else entirely different. Test things out! Try whatever you want to try, and wear what you think suits you best. It’s all about you in the end, at least in fashion. Find your own style and rock it!

Shop Around

There are SO MANY brands and stores that exist. I promise you, something out there fits the length of your legs and the size of your waist without sacrificing your curves. Don’t be afraid to try stores you wouldn’t think of originally. Really, the only useful thing brand name does for me is lets me know if something is likely to fit my body well or not. Thrifting will give you exposure to so many brands, even things you’ve probably never heard of. I remember finding a brand that I had no idea existed in 6th grade that fit me perfectly (unfortunately, I have since found that the brand seems to no longer exist. But those jeans were awesome). If you’re not a big thrifter, you like brand names, or something else, go to a mall! Outlet malls are especially great for looking at different brands. You can find so many different brands in the same complex and try on so many different things with minimal effort. Regular malls, of course, work great for this as well. Shop your heart out until you find what you’re looking for!

Use Returns!

If you’re a big online shopper, returns are your best friend (just a reminder, we do free, unquestioned returns on any items!). There is no requirement to like something you buy. Return it if you don’t like it! Try things out, try things on, and see if they work for you. Don’t be afraid of online shopping. Returns are generally a pain, but don’t be afraid to use them. They’re certainly worth it in the end, and are pretty win-win – you either love it and keep it, or you send it back knowing how it fits you with an idea where to go from there. Online shopping is ridiculously convenient and awesome, and our brand always comes with this built-in insurance policy. Use it to your advantage and find clothes you’ll fall in love with.

A Summary

If I could say anything about how to find what fits you, it would be to try different things. Don’t knock anything until you try it! I promise you, the effort is worth it. Your style is out there! Brands that look absolutely fantastic on you are out there! You just have to go out and find them. This is definitely the trickiest part about fashion — finding out what you like and what you want. It’s out there if you’re willing to find it. Sure, these problems suck. Some more than others, certainly. But they’re far from impossible to overcome. Worrying about what look you want to go for is a pretty fun problem to have, at least for me. So, as always, go out and explore! Find what you love. It may be as elusive as unicorns, but it does exist. Go shopping and have fun with it! It’s worth it, I promise.

~ Gina

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7/22/2018: Considering Crop Tops

Crop tops are a staple of summer fashion, especially in my closet. Cute, comfortable, cool, and easy, these pieces are great for bearing the heat with. My collection is consistently growing. Crop tops come in a surprising variety of shapes, styles, and forms, so I’ve put together a bit of a guide for choosing and styling yours.

Cutoff Crop Tops

One of my favorite styles to wear is the cutoff style. Usually, these are DIY-ed with nothing more than a t-shirt and a pair of scissors. I’ve done this with a few of my own tops, especially with those old and cheap “free” unisex shirts so many places and events like to hand out. Next time you get one of those, or a hole in the bottom of your shirt, or you just want to change up your look a bit – put on the shirt, mark where you want to cut it (I like to use chalk since it washes off easily), then take it off and go at it with some scissors. The result is a cute, customized crop top where a crappy shirt that likely would have otherwise been buried in the bottom of your drawers would have been. Don’t be afraid to modify your stuff! If you aren’t going to wear it as it is, why not do something to it to make it into something you would actually wear?

Tank Crop Tops

Tank crop tops are probably the coolest shirts (pun not intended) you can find for summer heat. No sleeves and minimal length let you stay comfortable and cute in potentially vicious weather. However I’m a pretty big fan of tank tops in general, not just for keeping cool. While they’re perfect for beach days and high humidity, they’re also perfect for layering. They work great under jackets or layered over t-shirts (both long sleeved and short sleeved). They match high waisted pants to minimize exposed skin. Tank crop tops are probably the most versatile of the crop top form, making them great pieces for your closet. See our Velvet Cropped Tank for one of my styles!

Long Sleeved Crop Tops (and Cropped Hoodies)

Another great variation on crop tops is long sleeved ones.There are usually loopholes for carrying over your favorite styles into different seasons, and this is certainly one of them. These are awesome for cooler weather, letting you stay warm without sacrificing more summer-y styles. These come in long sleeved t-shirts as well as hoodies (check out our Cropped Hoodie!). These let you have the warmth and comfort of sleeves without forcing you to completely leave behind warm weather looks. These can be made cutoff crop tops if you’re feeling crafty with that old sweatshirt you haven’t worn in years. You can also find them in clothing stores pretty much anywhere. Don’t be afraid to wear things you think are “out of season” if that’s what you want to wear!

A Summary

Basically? Crop tops are awesome. I love them, especially for my casual summer looks. They’re comfortable, stylish, cute, and easy to throw on. You can make your own out of just about any t-shirt or buy them in countless stores (including ours). If you like crop tops, go buy yourself (or make yourself) some! Wear them! Layer them on or wear them with shorts. As always, there’s no set way to wear anything. If I’ve learned anything from my journey in learning about fashion and my own tastes, it’s that you can rock just about anything if you want to rock it. So, go out and buy yourself whatever the heck you want! Go enjoy summer in crop tops. Always dress for your style and your own tastes.

~ Gina

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7/17/2018: Three Ways to DIY your Denim

Depending on how crafty you are, today’s installment in my blog is either a call for inspiration to modify/make your own stuff, or to go out and buy something along the lines of what you like! Don’t worry if you try the crafty stuff and don’t do too great, either. I’m still working on improving my own skills with this stuff.


The easiest way to mod your denim is adding patches. This is a great way to make them super personalized to what you want and like. Patches have become quite trendy lately, making it ridiculously easy to find ones you like – I find them at everywhere from record stores to tourist shops to the occasional department store! You can even make patches if you’re feeling particularly artsy. YouTube is full of video tutorials on how to do them. This adds even more personality to your denim, letting you add even more of your own touch to them. This is what I started with. I bought a cheap denim jacket from my favorite thrift store, followed with a few trips to a variety of shops to develop my ever-growing collection of patches. I still have quite a few I need to actually get around to sewing on something!


Along with patches is painting! Objectively, this one is pretty easy. All you need is fabric paint, paintbrushes, and some ideas of what you want! However, this generally works better for those of us with more artistic skill, but it can definitely still be a fun and crafty way to add flair to your jeans. Besides, practice makes perfect and you can’t get better at painting if you don’t try it! I have yet to try this method of modification, but it’s high up on my list of crafts I need and want to do. That being said, you probably/definitely want to start off on a pair of jeans you aren’t terribly attached to. I would recommend grabbing a cheap pair from the thrift store and testing your hand before you attack the more expensive Tommy’s in your closet. Once you get an idea of what you’re doing, though, go all out and paint whatever you feel like wherever you feel like


Embroidery is another awesome and creative way to spice up your jeans. This one takes a bit more skill, however, and a bit more patience. However, embroidered jeans are fairly easy to find in stores if you keep an eye out. They might even crop up in thrift stores if you keep your eyes peeled for them! If you have the skill, though, this is another awesome way to make your denim your own wearable work of art. Floral patterns are extremely popular for embroidery, making them more easy to find and fairly easy to do yourself. If you’re good enough at it, though, you can embroider just about anything and make it look great. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at something new! Embroidery kits can be found in most craft stores for pretty cheap, and learning a new skill is always a fun thing to do.

A Summary

Denim is one of the most (if not the most) easily modified fabrics to do yourself. Even if you’re the least artistic person possible, you can find various versions of these modifications in plenty of stores. But again, don’t be afraid to try something new! Jeans are pretty easy to find fairly cheap (if you don’t already have an old pair you never use hiding in the back of your closet), and you don’t even have to start on denim itself. The Internet is FULL of DIY tutorials. The world of fashion modifications is your oyster. These examples are just the beginning. You can distress your jeans, add patches, sew on different fabrics, and so much more! Personalize, personalize, personalize! Combine what you want to and create your own masterpieces. Fashion is just another form of art, so don’t be afraid to use it as a way to express yourself. In fact, for some of us, it’s the best way to do so. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around feeling like an art gallery displaying your work for the world to see?

~ Gina