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Welcome! You’ve made it this far into my web store, so I suppose that warrants a bit of background. Let’s hit rewind a bit, shall we?

I was born in 1999…

Just kidding! We don’t need to go back quite that far.

My name is Gina Marks and I’m from St. Pete, Florida. I’m currently working towards getting my Bachelor of the Arts in English Literature and Cultural Studies, with a minor in Education. I live with my huge family (five younger siblings, two parents, seven guinea pigs, and an English Bulldog) and work in a café as a barista. In my (somewhat limited, as you may have figured out already) free time, I like to read, write, take pictures, sing (as a total amateur), and do anything fashion related.

This whole thing started in early 2018. One day I wondered to myself: “What if I made my Instagram into a fashion blog?” Friends and strangers tended to compliment the things I wore, so why not share my creative outlet with a wider audience? And so the first step on this journey happened.

Following that, of course, I wanted to share my fashion taste with even more people and help them to discover their own creative potential. I would get to share the clothes I liked by more than just showing people the things I owned and wore.

So here we are, following through on this process, creating what is now Ellis Fashion Company. Come for the blog, stay for the shopping (or perhaps vice versa), or whatever else suits your fancy. We’re glad you came to visit. Enjoy!