9/6/18: Dresses Throughout History (Part II)

If you read, then you’ll probably remember the decades of dresses we went through yesterday. Here we’ll pick up where we left off: the 1970s.

The 70s were a time full of colorful clothes and absolutely wacky styles. Ruffles pretty much came into existence around this time, with a lot of designs incolving shorter skirts and sleeves. Of course, people couldn’t always leave the house wearing patterns that were out of the ordinary, especially those with swirling multicolor designs. A lot of the time, people had places to be that called for more businesslike or more casual dress. In such cases, simple colors like oranges and browns were common in dresses of designs very similar to the 50s and 60s, only slimmer at the top.

The 1980s were the beginning of present day styles, as well as throwing in tons of eccentric and bold styles like metallics and glitter. Colors were bright and many of the time’s female singers inspired looks with large accessories. The 80s were basically a time to dress how you wanted, with dresses that ranged from tight dresses with short skirts to quite the opposite. A lot of the time, you’ll come across these sorts of stereotypical 80s dresses, and these aren’t too far off from what some people actually wore. Colors and layers were common at the time, and dresses finally began to include spaghetti straps as opposed to the previously popular long sleeved dresses. On the other end of the spectrum, the 70s style continued through in business attire and more casual clothing (sequins can’t be comfortable all the time, after all).

The switch from the 80s to the 90s was a pretty big one, with the amount of glitter floating around suddenly coming to a stop. A lot of 90s dresses were simple, solid colored, spaghetti strapped, and loose, sometimes paired with a tshirt underneath, sometimes not. With these styles of dresses, you may also come across a few with busy but soft floral patterns. Also common during this time were dresses with plaid patterns that were long sleeved and loose, kind of like an oversized flannel. It was all part of the grunge look that was super popular at the time because of the fame of bands like Nirvana, especially well known for their punk sound and style.

Here we are, present day. There are such a number of different dress styles that I’ll have to list only a few for times’ sake. These days, you’ll see a lot of low cut dresses with thin straps (or no straps at all). Skirts are usually a lot shorter than they have been in the past and tend to be fairly loose. It depends on the style of dress you buy, though, because there are also a lot out there that are tight all the way from the top down to the skirt. Bodycon dresses are usually made of stretchy materials and are skin tight all the way down. As far as colors and patterns, anything goes. You see people walking around in blacks, browns, blues, reds, pinks, and just about any color combination you can think of.

Its crazy to think about exactly how far dresses have come since the 1800s. I guess people back then just didn’t realize that its totally okay to dress however you want, and that no woman should be required to wear one of those big dresses with the long sleeves and skirts. Imagine wearing that on a summer day (no thank you). Take this information and use it to help you achieve whatever look it is you’re going for! And remember, no matter what you choose to wear, your style is not definite. Feel free to switch it up whenever you want to find whatever makes you the most comfortable and feel the most like yourself.

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