9/4/18: Different Denim

Basically everyone wears denim, and you’ll mostly see it in the form of jeans. Jeans come in so many varieties that it’s near impossible for you not to find a pair that will both match your wardrobe and look good while you’re wearing them. What you choose to wear depends on the brands and types you like as well as your personal style.

We’ll start this discussion with the infamous mom jeans. They don’t fit everyone’s style, not everyone likes the vintage look, but they have become a pretty massive trend over the last few years. Commonly found in thrift stores, these pants are cute and affordable, and vary greatly in color, style, and size. Walking into any store or shopping online, you’re more likely to find mom jeans in the light wash variety than you are in darker colors, but, if light jeans aren’t your thing, you can find them in other variations with a little bit more looking. These jeans can be paired with practically any top to achieve a 70s/80s look.

Moving on to the classic skinny jean: worn by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. These are probably the most often worn type of pants in America, fitting easily into any closet and matching any outfit. Whether you choose to wear them with a tshirt for a casual look, a button down to dress it up a little bit, or throw on a hoodie for a cozy outfit, skinny jeans are the way to go if you want to have your outfit match, guaranteed.  Major plus to these last two styles: they’re in dress code at most schools, so, chances are, you wont have to worry about whether or not you’ll have a chance to wear them.

No matter what style of jeans you’re looking for, you’re more than likely to find some sort of distressed jeans somewhere in the mix. These jeans are worn most commonly in the younger age groups, mostly women in their teens and 20s. These came around in the 2000s and became an especially big trend in the 2010s, continuing to be so today.

Every type and style of jeans come in high waisted, midrise, and lowrise varieties. Lowrise jeans were popular especially in the early 2000s. Midrise are just your basic jeans, likely what you wear on a near daily basis. High wasited jeans go up to around the bellybutton and help to make the waist appear smaller and the hips appear larger (plus they’re really cute with belts) and have an especially vintage look compared to the other styles I’ve just listed.

Depending on the style you choose to aim for, you may decide to go with any one of these types or styles of jeans, but whatever you go with can easily be incorporated into an outfit that is 100% fitted to your unique style and looks good on you. Remember that what you choose to wear one day doesn’t determine what your whole wardrobe should look like, though. Feel free to change up your outfits as often as you like (easily able to be accomplished with a few different pieces of denim lying around).

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