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9/3/18: Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fashion)

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic people in fashion throughout the ages, Elton John has been a huge influence since he released Empty Sky back in 1969. Aside from music that would impact the lives of many, he’s extremely well known for his eccentric sense of fashion. While his outfits are difficult to replicate (and definitely not something you’d wear out on a regular occasion), there are a few ways to get the look without all the extra.

If you’re not all that into unconventional fashion, its pretty simple to reduce an outfit to its basics. Looking at some of Elton John’s outfits from back in the 70s and 80s, you’ll notice a lot of large accessories that include things like feathers and absolutely insane amounts of glitter and sequins. That’s just not most peoples’ thing. Plenty of his outfits involving a lot of the color white have some sort of blazer with big, decorated shoulder pads. A simple white blazer can substitute this easily and still have the same sort of 1970s Elton look (of course, white stains easily, so maybe putting on a 100% white outfit isn’t the best idea if you’re having a spaghetti dinner).

White isn’t the only way to go, though. A lot of Elton’s outfits involved a wide array of colors and designs. Usually we think of things like boas as accessories from children’s dress up outfits, but Elton John viewed them in a different way. You’ll notice that feathers are a recurring theme, whether placed on jackets, pants, or even glasses. Usually these were paired with some sort of decorated hat. Liking a style and being willing to wear it to the extreme are two different things; instead of going all out, its probably better to try something more subtle. Incorporate the colors of the rainbow into smaller parts of your outfit, whether it be your socks, your belt, or a design on your shirt.

As far as glitter: Go for it. One of the biggest parts of Elton John’s 70s look is sparkle. While you don’t really need to add all that he added back in the day, a little can never hurt. With this kind of fashion, its not necessarily go big or go home, its more of a “take what you want out of it and make it your own”. If Elton John has taught us anything about fashion, its that you can create works of art out of pieces of clothing.

Of course, no outfit is complete under this theme until it includes some funky glasses. Color tinted sunglasses or bold frames add a certain feel to an outfit that really just can’t be obtained otherwise, plus they’re in style. You can find glasses like these pretty much anywhere you search for them, online especially. Overall, it will help you tie together your whole outfit and create the look you’re going for.

Even today, at the age of 71, Elton is continuing to create his iconic 70s-style looks. He’s covered everything: hats, shoes, jackets… you name it. He is continuing to put out the same quality style as he did way back 40 years ago when he was young and just starting off his music career, which is what truly makes him a fashion icon.

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