8/2/2019: Rocket(wo)man

If you hadn’t already guessed from the plethora of references to the ever-iconic Elton John’s style, he’s probably my biggest fashion icon. Naturally, I FLIPPED OUT over the announcement of Rocketman early this year. I remember sitting in the movie theater with my boyfriend, waiting for our movie to start, and hearing Bennie and the Jets come on. I cocked my head, stared at a larger-than-life Taron Egerton in a rendition of John’s bedazzled baseball uniform, and went “Oh my GOD!” I spent the next long months in anxious anticipation, attempting to keep my expectations lowered so I wouldn’t get my hopes crushed if it didn’t turn out how I expected. However – it was everything I wanted (and more). So, without further ado, here’s a snapshot of some of my favorite outfits worn by Egerton in the fantastic biography that is Rocketman.

Film jacket, worn by Taron Egerton at the NYC film premiere.

Let’s start with this GORGEOUS piece of denim. While it’s not exactly an entire outfit, it’s possibly my favorite from the whole movie. When the camera first panned to Egerton in this, I was deeply and irrevocably in love with it. I love patched up denim jackets and have been working on my own for a few years now. This one is an absolute dream. The dark wash stands out beautifully against every pop of color in every patch. While it’s covered from sleeve to sleeve, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or too busy against the muted blue of the jacket. The patches have no apparent theme except pure fun and craziness, perhaps perfectly embodying Elton John’s entire fashion career. If someone gave me a replica of this jacket, I would probably cry and thank them on my knees. Even Taron Egerton agrees with my sentiments – he actively campaigned to keep it after filming (and ultimately succeeded!). I’m seriously jealous.

Egerton in what I call “The White Outfit.”

Anyone who knows how much I love Elton John probably has figured out that his classic white outfit is one of my all-time favorites. Something about the simplicity and simultaneous extravagance has always drawn my attention and admiration. I even used to have a flowy white top and white bell bottom jeans I referred to as my “Elton John outfit” (before I made several more of them) that drew inspiration from this outfit. Seeing it in Rocketman was fabulous. While it wasn’t there for terribly long (though maybe it should have been, in my highly biased opinion) it definitely made its appearance (and even made it on the cover!). Feathers and white patent leather? Amazing. Also brb guys, going to buy these incredible bedazzled glasses right now.

Egerton in his first “real” Elton John outfit.

This outfit, of course, had to make its way on this list. This is the first outfit that film-Elton John wears on stage, the first one to indicate the incredible fashion icon he would soon become. Plus, it’s covered in stars – and I love stars. I would probably (read: definitely) wear something like this exact outfit – white suspenders and all – in my daily life. What I really love about this outfit is the glasses. They’re nothing terribly crazy, but they’re the beginning of what is later to come. They’re that first seed of imagination that springs into something beautiful and amazing, and the shirt was something John actually wore! Props to costume crew and to Egerton’s acting ability for doing this part so well. And MAJOR props for recreating That Move (you know, the one where the pictures make it look like he’s flying).

Flying Elton.
The I’m Still Standing look.

Finally, let’s talk about this end-of-the-movie look. This was the part that made my heart absolutely soar. The use of the music video at the end was PHENOMENAL – I genuinely didn’t realize until long after watching the film TWICE that Egerton had been edited into the original music video. I am still so blown away by that. This outfit is particularly fantastic for many reasons other than accuracy. The suit is a bright white, an emblem of rebirth after going through rehab and getting sober. And he’s wearing a damn rainbow on his hat, clearly at peace with himself and his identity. The shift from the fiery, dramatic, devil-horned costume he enters rehab with transforms into this far more angelic look, backed by one of the greatest victory songs of all time.

Elton John and Taron Egerton.

Can you tell I love this movie? I freaking love this movie. I’m still thinking about how badly I want to see it again. And I may or may not be about to click “Preorder for $19.99” on Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Several times.

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