11/27/18: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Okay, maybe its not actually cold outside just yet. Just a bit chilly. But the weather is getting cooler and cooler as winter approaches. I know wearing too many layers can be really uncomfortable and unflattering, so I’ve decided to share my best tips for staying warm, comfortable, and stylish.


As far as cold weather, it’s a given that it’s best to stick to thicker fabrics to avoid having an uncomfortable number of layers. But what most people don’t really remember is to try to find fabrics that are both thickĀ and soft, so you don’t end up in a sweater with scratchy fabric that you genuinely cannot wait to take off at the end of the day. This makes sweatshirts and hoodies excellent options for winter. The inside of a hoodie is usually super soft and the jackets themselves are always really warm. This makes them basically the most comfortable thing in the world, and they can be worn with almost literally anything (you might not want to wear one with professional or business attire, but other than that) at any time of the day.


To try to avoid wearing too many coats or jackets, stick to the above paragraph and buy coats with thicker material that is more likely to keep you warm. A thin jacket may look appealing until it’s the only extra layer you have on and it’s 35 degrees outside. You’ll be so much better off with a jacket made of something thicker. A fleece jacket or coat might be a good (and warm) option for your winter wardrobe. In short, the thinner the fabric, the more layers you’ll need, and the thicker the fabric, the warmer you’ll be without overdoing it. If you’re wearing lots of thin layers, it’ll be a lot more difficult to move your elbows (and your arms in general) than one singular thick layer, trust me.

Buttons and Zippers

I know a lot of the time, we’re opposed to buttoning or zipping up our jackets because we don’t like how it looks or we think it’s not fashionable. But we shouldn’t be giving up our comfort for the sake of fashion, and you’ll be about 10 times warmer if you zip up your jacket. I don’t like zipping up my coats just because I like to show the shirt that I’m wearing as well as the jacket, but if it gets too cold for me, I’m not hesitant to button or zip up to keep warm.

A Summary

Basically, you’re going to want to stick to thick fabrics to avoid wearing an uncomfortable number of layers, but still keep just as warm as you would if you chose to wear 4 or 5 layers. Don’t be afraid to zip up your coat or jacket if you’re too cold, and you should be just fine this winter. Just don’t be outside for too long!

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