11/25/18:Socks as Accessories

Normally, we think of socks as something that we wear under our shoes, things that don’t really show very much and we shouldn’t really care about. This doesn’t always have to be the case, though. Socks can become a major piece of your outfit if you choose the right socks and wear them the right way. For example, maybe ankle socks aren’t the best option if you’re planning on showing off your socks in one way or another, and you should opt for something more visible, like knee or thigh high socks.

Shorter Socks

For your socks to be visible, they don’t necessarily have to be super tall. Lots of people go for crew socks and other types that aren’t even half as tall as the calf. These socks can be just as cute and stylish as any others, though, with things like patterns and stripes and such. You probably don’t want to buy these types of socks in a plain color if you’re planning on making it a main part of your outfit.

Socks like these are probably best for when you want your socks to match your clothes, but you don’t necessarily want them to pop or be a focal point of your outfit. These are mostly casual everyday socks, and are very fitting to be such, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a pair you really like and use them as a main point of an outfit.

Knee and Thigh High Socks

These socks are a whole lot more noticeable than things like crew socks, completely due to the large difference in height. These socks are basically guaranteed to draw a lot of attention. Even in plain, solid colors, these socks are bound to be the focal point of whatever outfit you decide to pair them with. The main problem with these sorts of socks, however, is trying to find shoes that match without looking awkward. Pairing long socks with taller shoes never really works, so you usually have to find a pair of shoes similar to a pair of low rise sneakers or canvas shoes. There are always exceptions, of course, so, at some point, you’ll probably come across a pair of shoes that go really well with tall socks despite the shoes themselves being taller.

Another important point to be made about these socks, though, is that they sort of have to be worn with shorts or a skirt. This makes them not 100% ideal for winter weather, but wonderful for literally any other season, especially fall (that’s why you see thigh high socks in so many fall outfits on Pinterest).

A Summary

Socks come in basically any length, so it really shouldn’t be difficult to find affordable ones that you like. The great thing about socks is that you can have them as whatever amount of your outfit you want. If you want your socks to be the main point of your outfit, go for it! If not, there are plenty of other sock options for you.

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