10/17/18: A Guide to Graphics

Graphic tees are easy to find, but are sometimes hard to figure out. I never used to think of myself as the biggest fan of them as a whole, but now I’ve found my way through the somewhat chaotic jungle of t-shirts. There are a lot of great options once you know how to look! So, I’ve chronicled some of my graphic tee experiences here as a bit of a guide. Don’t let it limit you, but here’s my take!

Movie/TV Show Tees

The inspiration for this blog post comes from today’s outfit: my bright red Pulp Fiction shirt – sporting a drawn rendition of Mia Wallace (pictured left). As one of my favorite movies of all time, this was a necessity. I also have my eyes on a few Stranger Things shirts, as its one of my favorite shows and there are so many different versions all over the place right now. These are probably my favorite graphic tees. It’s hard to go wrong with wearing a shirt for something you loved enough to spend the money to get one. For every movie and show, especially more popular ones, there’s usually a lot of options to choose from as well, making it even easier to find something you like.

Band/Music Tees

Along the same lines of movie and TV show tees is this category, band and music tees. The same deal applies: it’s fairly easy to find shirts for an artist you like, and you usually have a bit of a choice. Bands tend to have different album or album-themed artwork available on merchandise, as well as pictures of the artists themselves or their specific logo. As a huge classic rock nerd, my wishlist is full of band shirts, most of which don’t even exist anymore. Luckily, I’ve gotten my hands on one for my favorite artist  – Billy Joel – thanks to my boyfriend. My favorite way to get these is from thrift stores. It’s always fun to find a little gem of an old band tee, especially when it could have come from the time of the band’s peak popularity.

Art Tees

Art tees are another great option. You can find favorite paintings from artists like Van Gogh or Monet, as well as a huge variety of works from lesser-known artists with the coolest styles. Whatever your style, there’s an art shirt for you. For more famous works, they’re fairly easy to find if you’re willing to do your research. As for the more unique art tees, you can find these from artists themselves on platforms like Etsy and support smaller brands and artists through this! Some larger brands occasionally have them as well, so keep an eye out for designs you like. This category comes with SO MUCH variety, it’s practically impossible to go wrong. There’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.

Brand/Event Tees

If there’s a small business you love, or you attend some large organized event, you’ll probably be able to find and buy yourself a shirt. There are plenty of businesses and events with adorable logos, and by buying them you’re supporting them! It also acts as a great conversation topic and lets you get other people to support them, too (especially with recurring events). Plus, you get the benefit of a cute shirt with a cute design on it. Check out this Daddy Kool shirt, one of my favorite St. Pete businesses (pic from their Instagram).

A Summary

If all you think of when you think of “graphic tees” is the cheesy, Forever 21-style stuff that people love to make fun of, you probably aren’t particularly keen on the concept. I could hardly touch them until fairly recently after my bout with these terrible shirts during middle school (it probably wasn’t as bad as I remember, but who wants to associate themselves with how they were in middle school???). I was that way for a long time. Now that I’ve gotten an idea of all of my other options and my own personal tastes, it’s been so much more fun to wear them. I now own a lot of them and will continue to grow my collection. So, as always, wear whatever the heck you love and chances are, you’ll look great while doing it.

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